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Coffee Samplers

Connoisseur Coffee Sampler
Connoisseur Sampler
Price: $19.95

Strong Sampler
Strong Sampler
Price: $14.95

Medium Coffee Sampler
Medium Sampler
Price: $14.95

Decaffeinated Coffee Sampler
Decaffeinated Sampler
Price: $15.95

Flavored Coffee Sampler
Flavored Sampler
Price: $14.95

Dessert Coffee Sampler
Dessert Sampler
Price: $14.95

Chocolate Coffee Sampler
Chocolate Sampler
Price: $14.95

Our Coffee Samplers

Each coffee sampler consists of 4 1/4 pound coffees. Your sampler is hand packed when you order for freshness. You have your choice of receiving your sampler in whole bean or 1 of 5 different grinds. All of our coffee beans are Arabica coffee, a higher grade of coffee that has more flavor than Robusta coffee used in most lower priced coffees.